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All our conceptual and detail design work is done in-house by our own plastics engineers of chemical, mechanical and civil disciplines. Design and specification writing services are available


We have our own plastics testing laboratory for FRP and Thermoplastics. Testing is used for control of our own fabrication as well as a service to outside clients on a fee basis. We offer the following:

  • Mechanical Testing: tensile, Flexural Strength, Flexural Modulus
  • Strain Gauging
  • Glass Contents Burnouts
  • Chemical Resistance Testing
  • Flame Tests
  • Acoustic Emission
  • X-Ray Testing 


Building the unusual is commonplace in FRP. To ensure sound design, reliable service, as well as eliminating fabrication problems, we prepare test pieces in the plant, for proof testing, to confirm our designs.


Detailed design calculations are available for non-standard designed fabrication. Where these are called for, there is a small extra charge added to the cost of the job.


Fabricated Plastics provides in-house testing of finished fabrications as an acceptance test for the buyer on a fee basis. Testing equipment is available or can be arranged for hydrostatic, pressure and vacuum testing and the associated strain or deflection measurements and acoustic emission.

Slide Shows

A 30-60 minute computer notebook slide show is available to introduce technical people to FRP as an Engineering material. Contact Greg Landry, Vice President Sales, to arrange for a show


For maintenance department personnel, Fabricated Plastics can provide in-house, or on the job instruction in FRP lay-up and pipe assembly, and also Thermoplastic welding and pipe assembly.