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By now you will have realized Fabricated Plastics is not a typical plastics fabricator.

In addition to offering a full capability of custom fabrication in all plastics, we are continuously upgrading our equipment and our processing knowledge.

We specialize in specifying plastics for those difficult corrosion, errosion and abrasion services. We pioneered the use of thermoplastics like PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, and FEP bonded to reinforced plastics to create a new family of materials called "Armourplastics®" (dual laminates). Today Armourplastics® offer a cost effective alternative to titanium and corroding stainless steel.

For severe chemical services we have developed and adapted fusion equipment to create superior corrosion resistance to thermoplastic welding stresses.

New filament winding techniques and use of sophisticated reinforcements like DuPont Kevlar and Carbon Fibre have created very strong, lightweight equipment.

New materials produced globally are constantly sourced and evaluated for use in fabricated process equipment.

Fabricated Plastics expertise is not solely limited to large complicated configuration equipment and does not overshadow our competitive processing of the smallest of equipment requirements.