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Many back-up services benefit our customer.

Our Engineering department can supply design calculations for your critical services. Technical people are on staff to conduct seminars for your engineers and to train your maintenance and installation staff in our equipped classroom. The testing laboratory is capable of carrying out quality control tests including tensile, flexural, strain gauging, glass content burn out and acoustic emission. You may be sure your valued order will be processed in our shop using sophisticated processing equipment like our sheet fusion machines with digital control that can fuse sheets of up to 2" thick and 3 meters long constantly maintaining weld efficiency of 95% - 98%. Multiple filament winding machines, with digital console control can vary winding angles to create specific hoop and axial strengths.

For Pollution Control equipment our absorption scrubber test unit is available to connect to a plant slip stream to confirm efficiency in scrubbing your difficult air or gas streams.

We maintain a promotional literature bank which provides useful technical data on our proprietary products including pipe, tanks, armoured thermoplastics, mist eliminators, and scrubbers.

In addition, we stock common fabrication materials to minimize lead times for delivery.

We care about our products. We care about you!!!