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Our manufacturing complex is located on 6.4 acres (2.6 hectacres) of land and serviced by rail, truck, and nearby sea port. All Manufacturing Buildings have head room up to 32 feet (10 m) clear ceiling height. Multiple access doors on buildings with door widths of 24 to 35 feet (7.3 to 10.7 meters) including level and dock loading. Thermoplastic manufacturing is separated from Reinforced Plastics Manufacturing.

  • 2 Manufacturing Plants totaling 100,000 square feet (9,200 square meters)
  • Overhead cranes throughout all manufacturing bays with capacities of 5 tons to 20 tons (4,500 Kgs to 18,000 Kgs)
  • Large capacity - Post Curing, Forming and Coating Industrial Ovens (5) and Spray Booth
  • Underground Bulk Resin And Mixing Facility
  • Vacuum Forming Facility with Head and Bottom tools 3 foot to 28.5 foot (1 meter to 8.7 meter) diameter
  • Tank Mandrels 3 foot to 30 foot (1 meter to 9.1 meter) diameter with lengths up to 45 feet (13.7 meters)
  • Pipe Mandrels 0.5 inch to 60 inch (12 mm to 1,500 mm) diameter with lengths up to 45 feet (13.7 meters)
  • Multiple Computer controlled and Automated Tank and Pipe Winding Machines
  • Computer Controlled Sheet fusion Machinery with capacity of 13 feet (4 meters) long and 2 inch (50 mm) thick Thermoplastic Sheets
  • Computer Controlled Thermoplastic Sheet Bending Machines
  • Computer Controlled Pipe fusion machines with Pipe size range of 0.5 inch to 39 inch (12 mm to 1,000 mm) diameter
  • In house fully equipped Training/Classroom facility
  • In house testing laboratory
  • Tank Test stand for Hydrostatic testing tanks 3 foot to 16 foot ( 1 m to 4.8 m) diameter
  • Manufacturing Work Force - 120 people

We custom fabricate from the following thermoplastics: PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, E-CTFE, PTFE, FEP, PFA, nylon, acrylic, polysulfone, polybutylene, polyurethane and PE.

In reinforced plastics we work with polyesters, epoxy and vinylester resins.
Our coatings/linings include FRP.

Our designers take your concepts and work them into detailed, fully engineered equipment. We hold technology in the field of pollution control to the most aggressive air streams and in Electrolyte cooling for zinc refineries. A process for roller coatings used in the steel industry is patented.

Fabricated Plastics manufacturing strength includes hand lay up, and filament winding from FRP, equipment up to 30 feet in diameter. Fusion of thermoplastics at Fabricated Plastics has created a new benchmark for the industry to meet.

Constant attention to quality on our shop floor with full time Quality Control Inspectors and back-up in our well equipped laboratory insures that rigorous manufacturing specifications are met and exceeded.

Personnel development in our program includes classroom tutorials and ongoing training in lamination techniques, welding theory for handwelding and fusion welding and material preparation procedures for bonding thermoplastics in our very important Armourplastic(dual laminate) production.